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Saami Ski Race

Saami Ski Race

Saami Ski Race

Saami Ski Race

Saami Ski Race

Saami Ski Race

Saami Ski Race


Påmelding til Saami Ski Race 2020:

Påmelding til årets Saami Ski Race skjer via linken nedenfor.



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Frem til 31. januar 2020 kl 23:59:59

90 km – 75 Euro
60 km – 55 Euro
30 km – 40 Euro

Fra 1. februar frem til 15. mars 2020 kl 23:59:59

90 km – 80 Euro
60 km – 60 Euro
30 km – 45 Euro

Fra 16.mars – 27.mars 2020 kl 18:00 (Norsk tid)

90 km – 95 Euro
60 km – 75 Euro
30 km – 60 Euro


Alle deltar på egen risiko.

Minstealder for deltakelse i Saami Ski Race er 15 å (født 2005). Aldersgrense for deltagelse i 30 km med tidtakning er 13 år (født 2007)


I følge Norges Skiforbunds regelverk skal [skilisens] løses av norske deltagere fra og med fylte 13 til og med 69 år. Deltagere som ikke har årslisens må derfor løse inn engangslisens slik:

  • Kr 60 for aldersgruppen 13-25 år
  • Kr 150,- fra fylte 26 år

Ved påmelding til rennet oppgir du om du har årslisens, hvis ikke, så kan du velge hvilken engangs lisens du skal betale.

Terms of participation

Please read these instructions carefully

1.   Refund

The participation fee will be refunded only due to the participant’s or his or her close relative’s sudden illness, accident or death. A medical certification needs to be provided for the organizer within 14 days of the cancellation of participation.

2. Cancellation of the race

Cancellation of the race is very unlikely. However, if the competition is canceled the day before, the organizer can keep 50% of the entry fee to cover the costs. If the competition is organized elsewhere the same day of changed to an alternative day, no fees will be refunded. If the race is canceled because of weather conditions or due to force majeure reasons, the entry fee is not refundable.

3.   Transportation, accommodation etc.

Costs incurred to participants of transport, accommodation etc. are not refunded if the race is cancelled.

4.    Participant’s personal information

By participating the race you agree that your name will be published in official start or result lists. These lists can also contain information about age and club memberships. Personal information will be saved in the database according to the Norwegian Personal Data Act.

5. Use of pictures

By participating the race you give permission to the organizer to publish pictures on their website. The published pictures are taken only during the event. The photos are a part of our archives and can be used in organizers’ marketing and media purposes. Photos can be used e.g. on organizers’ web pages, magazines or other publications.  If the images are sold to a third party, the buyer is responsible for the use of pictures according to the regulations.

6.   Insurance

Norwegian participants must have a license in order to participate. License includes a personal insurance and it is obligatory. The license applies to 13-69 years old members of national Norwegian insurance system.
For Finnish citizens the license is not obligatory. However, we recommend Finnish participants to get the Ski Sport Finland (Suomen Hiihtoliitto) license. License is not obligatory for participants of other nationalities. The organizer is not responsible of accidents/injuries taking place during skiing or the event.